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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Krav Maga

What Is Krav Maga?

Krav maga is dynamic application of functional power,dynamic flexibility, speed, legerity, strength, aerobics and very important anaerobic conditioning.Reasonable strength and conditioning programs helps in prevention of injury and develope desired agility response and strength.Stability,strength and conditioning programs are essential to foreclose injuries.You cannot put forward muscular force beyond your joint's stability.Lack of power occurs due to poor stability while lack of flexibilty restrict right application and execution of techniques,may resulting in injury or power loss.

Nexus of kravist conditioning program is developing,improving & maintaining proper core strength, stableness and suppleness.To achieve expected result training must be multidimentional and occur simultaneously according to the existing scenarios.Therefore, constantly changing and progressive movement patterns are preferred over traditional methods.Traditional strength training focuses mainly on absolute strength (Absolute strength maximal force that could be produced by a muscle).Functional strength is defined as the level of power you can put in during existing movement at high velocity,emphasing functional strength in Krav maga is effective for both men and women.

Learn Krav Maga !

Our focus is mainly on two kinds of power: speed-strength and strength-speed, both are important and ask different training styles.To move a lighter object quickly is called speed strength like feet, elbows,hands and knees when exercising upper and lower body moves.Strength-speed is physical ability to move a heavy object quickly for example another person when practicing takedowns, clinches and throws.krav maga takes your opponent down quickly depending on the fighting circumstances you might need a high level of anaerobic endurance to fight at extreme intensities for longer span of time.

The ability to counterattack spontaneously and independently demand specific conditioning which can be gained through krav maga training itself. Preparing the muscles, joints, respiratory and circulatory systems for any strong activity is called warming up. Appropriate cardiovascular activities such as power walking, paddling exercises, jumping jacks increase your blood flow and heart beat rate, repeat for a minimum of ten minutes.After you warm up, stretch out gently to beef up your muscles, connective tissues, and tendons for quick sharp movements and maximum flexion. Allow your body adjusted to bear stretch and pressure.Make certain you stretch each body muscle, stretching neck and move down the body to your anklebone.


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