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krav maga
krav maga martial arts

Monday, 30 May 2016

Krav Maga Martial Arts

Knuckle Edge Throat Strike

This combative is similar to web strike to the throat,except you are using curled fingers and the knuckles as you knocking a door.

Again aim for the throat and windpipe like previous combative.

The upper-lower body movements are same as web strike except the striking area of your hand changes ( before web, now knuckles).

You must be careful to align your hand properly for an overwhelming effect on opponent’s throat.

Rare Forearm Attack

Using this brief, direct, and swift strike aim for the throat, jaw, or nose.

Extremely powerful for knocking your opponent's back specially if you strike opponent's throat with proper footwork and body weight behind.

Stand in the left outlet stance with loose fists, keep brief pause between your steps as your body is pushing forward.

Step forward with left foot, lifting your left arm parallel to your chest making obvious outer edge of your forearm is exposed.

Tighten your fist as your outer forearm extends to deliver the strike.

Step forward to launch your full body weight through the strike.Make sure you step with both feet,thrusting off the ball of right foot.

Lift your left shoulder up, tuck your chin to protect your jaw and neck.

Keep your other hand up and be prepared to launch another move.

After striking  return to left outlet stance again.

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