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Monday, 30 May 2016

Krav Maga Self Defense


Web Strike To The Throat

If your timing is correct, this can be highly damaging first strike option.Take down your attacker to ground with this technique.

Focus throat specifically wind tube.

Move forward with your left arm along with palm parallel to the ground, open your web followed by index finger and thumb pushing hard opponent's windpipe.

Now trigger windpipe by thrusting the web with the bone just below your index finger and the thumb, Thus creating a sharp blowing impact under opponent's jawbone (chin).
Stand in the left outlet, step forward with your left foot and draw heel moderately in and back.

Do not jump at the same time with both feet.

There should be brief gap between the steps,as your entire body mass is pushing forward.

Tend to raise your left shoulder,protect your jaw and neck by folding your chin in.

To protect yourself from dangerous blows keep your other hand up,and be prepared for another move.

Return to your left outlet stance,after striking.

Rare Web Attack

Target throat and more specifically "windpipe" as described above.

Left outlet position with loose fists.

Right leg slightly position on the ball of foot i.e heel of the foot is lifted off the floor as you pushing through a wall.

Direct right hand's web,shoulder and hip forward pushing through your target.

Tuck chin into right shoulder to get protected from opposers strike.

Turn left hand up,get prepared to launch another move.

Punch and Web Drill Combined

Combination of punch along with web strike technique complement each other very well.Straight punch will jolt the opponent's head exposing the throat for the web strike.

This drill can be performed and practiced with a small targeted pad held by your partner.

Your partner holding the hand pad straight to face you and then after absorbing your straight punch right away turn the pad to the side,disclosing the side of the pad for a narrower striking surface to trigger throat so you can practice your web strike.

Repeat the drill from the right and left outlet stances 20 times (20 left straight punches and 20 right
straight web strikes).

Create and diversify combinations as you feel comfortable.Thinking different combinations will help
you get expert the and build the base for retzev.


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