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Friday, 17 June 2016

Krav Maga training

Krav Maga Training

Krav Maga Self  Defense Training Against Different types of Punches !

 Defense Against Sucker Punches

An assailant next to you can unexpectedly punch you, This technique works great if attacker is facing opposite side but standing to your side.

Raise shoulder duck your head into it and lean away from the incoming punch, deliver a powerful side kick by thrusting your close leg with appropriate base leg movement to the opponents knee.

Straight Punch Deflection with Modified L Block and Angled Gunt Option

Left standing stance, deflect a coming left punch with a block aiming at his pink fingers knuckle.

Manage right arm bent at about 90 degree, pivot the right arm inward close to your face so that L block is executed.

Counterattack with a straight right arm punch or deliver a high kick to the upper body or convey a strong blow to knee.

If executed properly this technique can break attackers hand, You can also use this defense to deflect double punch as well.

 Block Against Straight Punches with Immediate Kick

You and attacker standing in left stances, block the incoming punch with your same arm and second punch with your opposite arm.

Now force away the second punch by cupping your hand and counter attacking simultaneously by convening a rare kick to opponents forward leg.

Parallel Gunt Against a Hook Punch

Protects the head from punch and high kicks coming from the opposite side.

Standing position left,tuck your chin into your left shoulder. 

To block the hook punch your arm should be folded at about 45 degree and elbow pointed outward.

Simultaneously counter attack to his neck or head by setting up a horizontal elbow attack.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Krav Maga Self Defense Against Knife Attack

Krav Maga and Knife Defense 

Krav Maga emphasis on defense techniques against an attacker with a knife or with any sharp object like razors, broken bottles and scissors.
It is necessary to know types of knife attack, So that you identify the type of attack and defense technique required to cope with this.
The moment you notice an attacker is coming towards you, there might be 4 different distances.

1.Very close distance,you can only defense yourself if you are lucky.

2.Close range, a hand defense may be sufficient.You can protect yourself effectively.

3.Middle distance, hand defense is sufficient along with a counterattack to make the attacker less harmful.

4.Long distance, You can deliver a kick before he reach you.

Do not face an attacker holding a knife,stay at safe side.Maintain a considerable distance to overcome any risk.You can also take advantage of any object near you (Chair /stick ),you can also throw a stone and beat your oppose.

If you have enough time observe how the attacker is holding knife, this will give you clue what kind of attack he is going to apply and what prevention you should follow for your defense.

We must be clear that leg is stronger than arm. Therefore in most cases it is better to defend with kicks and maintain reasonable distance to convey a hard effect.Proper distance is used as a safety margin that enables you to attack vulnerable part of an attacker.

When using a hand defense again a knife attack, it is strongly recommended to counter attack with high speed and power.Counter attack prevents further attacks by the opposite side.

Krav Maga is a simultaneous combination of defense and counter attack.
There are still situations in which it is difficult to attack,you may perhaps block an attack and defend yourself.It is extremely important to keep your vision enlarge and avail the first opportunity. Judge the time accurately to knock him over.

While training one should use a soft rubber knife initially until you have gained necessary experience against high speed and powerful attacks.Only then use a wood or plastic knife, Sharp knife can only be used in advanced stage taking into account all the necessary safety measures.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Krav Maga Moves

Stepping Side Kick

Long step kick thrust your rival who is to your side and cover up gaps creating intense impact.

Standing in left position, twist base leg at the pelvis so that head is raised ahead when turning over side kick, like a spiral trunk also twisted so that back sole kick intensely.

Bring out side kick with the front leg near to your target.Slam down your opponent from a slightly vertical angle covering shin ,head, knee, thigh or belly.

Shift your weight to your back leg, angle your heel toward the target, extend your leg parallel to the floor and make contact with the heel.

The stepping leg's heel must face the rival.You might tilt back slightly ensuring your weight is approaching through your assault.