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Friday, 17 June 2016

Krav Maga Training

Krav Maga Self  Defense Training Against Different types of Punches !

 Defense Against Sucker Punches

An assailant next to you can unexpectedly punch you, This technique works great if attacker is facing opposite side but standing to your side.

Raise shoulder duck your head into it and lean away from the incoming punch, deliver a powerful side kick by thrusting your close leg with appropriate base leg movement to the opponents knee.

Straight Punch Deflection with Modified L Block and Angled Gunt Option

Left standing stance, deflect a coming left punch with a block aiming at his pink fingers knuckle.

Manage right arm bent at about 90 degree, pivot the right arm inward close to your face so that L block is executed.

Counterattack with a straight right arm punch or deliver a high kick to the upper body or convey a strong blow to knee.

If executed properly this technique can break attackers hand, You can also use this defense to deflect double punch as well.

 Block Against Straight Punches with Immediate Kick

You and attacker standing in left stances, block the incoming punch with your same arm and second punch with your opposite arm.

Now force away the second punch by cupping your hand and counter attacking simultaneously by convening a rare kick to opponents forward leg.

Parallel Gunt Against a Hook Punch

Protects the head from punch and high kicks coming from the opposite side.

Standing position left,tuck your chin into your left shoulder. 

To block the hook punch your arm should be folded at about 45 degree and elbow pointed outward.

Simultaneously counter attack to his neck or head by setting up a horizontal elbow attack.

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